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FINE Series tag pins

Sterling® FINE Series tag pins are recommended for thin and delicate materials as well as for woven fabrics with a dense weave. The special shape of FINE Series fasteners eliminates the risk of causing the damage to the product and enables breaking off the pin safely without use of any additional tools.

FINE Series tag pins are used for attaching hang tags, ticketing and fastening products in clothing, textile and hosiery industry.

Manufactured from polypropylene or nylon FINE Series tag pins have smooth profile and exceptional flexibility. Sterling® Blade™ Fine tag pins have very unique shape resembling an umbrella that provides the smoothest shape of tag pin head in the industry. Polypropylene tag pins are transparent and more flexible while nylon tag pins are characterized by improved strength and have natural, raw white colour.

For utility and aesthetic reasons, FINE Series tag pins are available in two types:



FINE Series fasteners can be attached with the use of a manual tagging gun or an automated pneumatic device.

FINE Series tagging guns

Sterling® FINE tagging guns (or so called attachers) are used for attaching any type of FINE Series tag pins manually. The very important feature of Sterling® FINE tagging gun is a special design allowing to install very thin needle thanks to which it can be applied to most delicate fabrics.

Sterling® FINE tagging guns are available in four types, differing from one another by the mechanism adapted for different sizes of needles.

FGS-2 (Short) – with short needle with stainless steel shaft
FGR-1 (Regular) – with regular needle with stainless steel shaft
FGL-1 (Long) – with long needle with stainless steel shaft


Sterling® FINE tagging guns should operate only with FINE Series fasteners. Sterling® STANDARD tagging guns are always distinguished by the RED colour.

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