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Tag pins and tag attachers


Tag pin is the element with which you can easily attach a label to the product. The label attached to the product plays an important and multifunctional role. It is a carrier of information, improves logistics, facilitates sales and promotes the brand. Knowing that the appearance and also the method of attaching the label is particularly important in the relationship between the product and the consumer, we designed Sterling® tag pins accordingly.

The Sterling® brand offers a wide range of perfectly made tag pins in many types and sizes. Depending on your intended use or aesthetic requirements you can choose from Standard, Fine, EHD and Loop product series. For tag pins fastening, we offer tag attachers precisely designed for Sterling® tag pins but also compatible with other brands.

We pride ourselves on the quality and functionality of our products. They are the result of thorough market research and close cooperation with our customers. Depending on your needs, our sales representatives are able to advise and suggest you the most functional product. Do not hesitate to contact us and check our catalog.

Standard Series

All-purpose tag pins

Fine Series

Tag pins for fine fabrics

EHD Series

Thick fasteners for heavy products

Loop Series

Loop pins for attaching labels

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