ISO 9001:2015


Semi-automatic fastening devices


For the purposes of high-volume production and precise fastening of hard products or thick multipacks we offer our semi-automated attachers. Among our portfolio you can find both pneumatic and electric devices. Our pneumatic devices are designed for autonomous work but also can be integrated with existing automated product lines.

Such devices are more precise and effective alternative to manual tag attachers. Furthermore every pneumatic device can be customized according to each individual needs creating one-off solution that no other fastener could match.

For all our semi-automated attachers we offer technical support, warranty and post-warranty service as well as supply of consumables and spare parts.

DUPLEX 2.0 – pneumatic

The most versatile solution for fastening from reel

DART SERIES - pneumatic

For Standard or Fine tag pins in clips

TWIN STRIKE - electric

For fastening flat products with U-fasteners on a roll

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