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EHD Series fasteners

Sterling® EHD Series fasteners are distinguished by their exceptionally high durability and toughness. T-Line™ EHD fasteners are applied in footwear industry, automotive industry, leather industry, fur farming and simply everywhere, where a very strong fastener is needed.

T-Line™ EHD fasteners are made of nylon and the head of fastener has a special profile in the shape resembling letter T. T-Line™ EHD fasteners can be attached with the use of the manual tagging gun or the automated pneumatic device.

EHD Series tagging guns

Sterling® EHD tagging guns (or so called attachers) are used to attach EHD series fasteners manually. Distinguished by a very solid build and practicality Sterling® EHD tagging gun is capable of operation with two types of needles:

EHD-1 (Sharp EHD Needle) – sharp-ended for fastening products with the packaging
SG-1 (Shoe Needle) – open-ended for products equipped with holes (eg. Production of shoes)

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