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Printers for sew-in care labels


Thermal transfer printing is the most durable among the most popular methods of labels printing.  Labels printed with thermal transfer method guarantee high resistance to washing agents, dry-cleaning and ironing.

Thanks to many years of experience in the industry we were able to select three best-in-class solutions for care labels printing. Our selection was determined by quality of print, effectiveness of thermal transfer, reliability and full access to spare parts and consumables.

Are you looking for versatile device that print precisely on any type of surface? Are you looking for the fastest thermal transfer printer for care labels? Are you looking for a printer that could print two-sides in three colors simoultanously? Do you need printer for custom widths? Or maybe you just need a very simple, yet cost-efficent solution.

We encourage you to contact us so we could advise you which model to choose and which consumables will be fitted best to your requirements. Your satisfaction is the most important to us.

Avery Dennison Snap 500

Two-sided printer for care labels

Avery Dennison Snap 700

One-sided multi-surface printer

Novexx XLP514 TCS

For low-input care labels printing

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