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Avery Dennison® Monarch® FreshMarx® 9417+

The Avery Dennison Monarch® FreshMarx® 9417+ Solution is designed for nutrition, ingredient, grab-and-go and date code labeling, inventory rotation, employee training and more. The 9417+ combines dual printers with intuitive FreshMarx software and a touchscreen interface to provide an all-in-one compact, robust solution designed for foodservice environments.


  • Includes 22 standard label formats that support global nutrition and safety standards
  • Supports 16 languages for global kitchen integration
  • Dual language operator screen enables bi-lingual food service operations


  • Intuitive touch screen navigation enables efficient operation with minimal training
  • Video and document viewer enables easy staff training on food prep
  • Over 1,100 programmable food options support the most complex food operations
  • Product buttons are multifunctional to print labels, launch videos, timers or documents
  • Dual printer provides more label options with less downtime
  • Auto-feed function simplifies label loading


  • Push or pull updates from a central location on your network with no intervention required by store employees
  • Protect your data via secure SFTP
  • Support updates via standard Ethernet or USB connections
  • Robust factory-installed dual band WIFI option allows for remote updates without rewiring your kitchen
  • Update groups of printers simultaneously
  • Durable and moisture resistant for kitchen environments
  • Built in wall mount for eye level operation, workspace optimization and spill prevention

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