ISO 9001:2015

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Avery Dennison® Monarch® ADTP1

The Avery Dennison® Tabletop Printer 1 (ADTP1™) is built to accelerate your barcode and RFID label and tag printing. Quickly and accurately identify items and cartons and move merchandise throughout your supply chain.

The ADPT1™ features patented non-stop print/encode technology that is up to three times faster than traditional stop-to-encode printers. Additionally, its exclusive integrated RFID EPC verifier helps ensure defective tags are eliminated.

The ADTP1™ has the largest internal supply capacity available in its class, which cuts roll change needs by as much as 50%.*

The three-color backlist display provides instant visual identification of printer status. Internal liner take-up eliminates waste accumulating on floors for faster and easier disposal.

*when combined with Avery Dennison EcoCapacity+™ thin liner supplies

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